Thursday, July 29, 2010


Triond is a site that I've my uncle use to generate a few bucks but i was wondering, has anyone else ever used it. i don't know much so i was hoping you could help.


okay my readers who don't yet exist due to the fact that this blog is small and started today.

to the point go to inudge. net and post some of the beats you came up with 

Hey if you read this you have to much time on you're hands

     If you're really reading my first post before i have any readers i like you, but you have to much time on your hands. I mean seriously you need to get a life. if i had any money in my paypal account i would give you some to go buy a life. But when you do go get a life you can keep reading my posts its okay, (see look I actually spelled okay I know I'm cool.)

     Anyways now that I'm done insulting you I can say invite your friends come read up just don't spend too much time.