Monday, March 7, 2011

couple of answers to questions on to kill a mockingbird

1. American naturalism. when considering that american naturilism is characterized by man abusing other men (racism) oppresion of other races and lower classes (racism) open description of previosly taboo subject matter. All of these topics are fufilled throughout the book. men abusing other men, atticus says it himself when making his final statment. he makes it very clear that the first few witnesses, the ewells testified on the complete confidence that the jurey would take their word over the negro tomrobinson in court. this also applies to the second theme. and then their is the open pages of description of the supposed rape according to the ewells. and then in the final few chapters it disccuses murder with out a single flinch.

2. racismim is one of the those fundemental things you are either taught about not taught or avidly taught against it as a child. so if one child is taught that racism is correct s/he will teach their children, and until they learn otherwise they believe its correct and will continue to repreduce chldren who will live in the dark. on the other hand however if your taught as a child proactivley that racism is bad and all humans ar4e egual then you will practively try to tell others the error of their ways. so far those who have been taught that it is an illogical and incorrect way of thinking have prevailed and since the end of segregation we have come so far as to have almost no cases of racism. however there wil always be the extremists who will not budge on their positions at all. i believe that their is no way to end racism because men will always see those of the same race and will trust those of other races less. however we have come very far so far that we barely recognize or steryotype others of a different race. and raciism is not strictly against blacks, and there is no such thing as reverse racism, while people still think those two things are true there will always be to much racism.