Monday, November 8, 2010

part of a essay for science

Height differentials and the changing thereof
            This experiment was conducted in a highly low the facility in the upper level of a lower level learning infrastructure building  in a named part of a fractional place of great collegiate physical value and little mental collegiate value. It was conducted to discover the differences between an invaluable metal ball and ramps friction. The results thereof will be conducted in a short timely manner for the convenience of any soul who has the time to waste reading this scholarly masterpiece. The expected results are unnamed and bountiful causing little to no discussion in any level of any authority requiring place.
            The test was to discover differentials in a height to height ratio. We (my team members consisting of two females and a male of high degree in the art of awesomeness, and I a doctorate in awesomeness, smartidness, and sweet sweet joy) decided to move a invaluable metal ramp up and down while calculating the (air speed velocity of a laden swallow) velocity of another invaluable piece of steel shaped in the oh so common form of sphere.