Friday, November 16, 2012


So I don't know how many of my readers are LDS, or how we are affectionately known, Mormon. As many in the Idaho area know the Boise temple was just refurbished, redone, redesigned, and redecorated. Now it is time for it to be rededicated, which will happen on this Sunday the 18th. Before the dedication our prophet Thomas S. Monson has asked the youth of the temple district and the rest of Idaho to have put on a cultural celebration.
     For the past couple of months the youth have been meeting in their respective wards and stakes learning the dance routines if they are on the dance crew, and learning the songs if they are in the choir. I personally am in the choir, and in fact so is our very own Dan. its been great because i was able to have a spiritual experience at each of the practices, when we were singing songs of praise, to our God.
     So this Saturday the 17th we are having a huge rehearsal and then do the presentation for our beloved prophet. That is what I get to do all of tomorrow, sing praises and then preform to the mouthpiece of God on our earth at this time Thomas S. Monson.