Sunday, March 6, 2011

once in a blue moon (my english short story)

    Wow I think to myself. I notice the roof crushing the heavy duty cell door. I just woke up, to a large thud. I squeeze myself out of the gap created due to the heavy three feet of concrete and steel falling on the steel cell door. As I get out I look around; there is a lot of cement and a few dead guards that were smashed by some cinderblocks that must have fallen. Rocks block the doorway to freedom on the left, so I begin to take myself down the right hand passage. Moving toward the end of the hall, I notice another cracked cell door like mine on the far wall. As I peer into it, I notice my friend Fujimoto Izumi in the cell lying unconscious. My footsteps take me over to her body.
    “Fujimoto!” I yell at her unconscious body. I notice some water next to her in a cup. I throw the water on her,and she wakes up.
    “Who are you?” she screams in astonishment. “Wait, is that really you, Yamashita?”
    “Yes, it is me.” I say. She jumps up and hugs me to death.
    “Wait, how did you get out of your cell, and why is my cell door smashed?” she asks inquisitively.
    I reply, “I don’t know, but I believe it may have had something to do with a very large earthquake.” I then instantly notice the trickle of water coming from the corner of her cell. “Do you remember when we first came here?” I ask.
    “No?” she responds.
   “Do you remember taking a submarine to get here? I think we are underwater and this facility has a crack in it. we need to leave before it fills up with water.” I state while pointing at the trickle of water. “Let’s go.” We instantly begin to move. Due to the fact of the other hall
being blocked, there is only one route to take. As we continue on, there are luckily no major obstructions. The hall continues to go one way and has no tributaries to its course. Eventually we enter a circular glass structure. Up above us we notice that we are only 300 meters or so from the surface and to the left of us maybe 300 meters away from a land mass. As we go down the glass structure, it abruptly turns into stairs at a 45 degree angle upwards. Then suddenly we come upon a room; again cement and it is leaking.
    “Wait Fujimoto, is that a submarine?” I ask while pointing to the opposite end of the thirty square foot room,
    “Why yes Yamashita,” she states “it is a submarine. Do you think you can maneuver it up to the surface?” Fujimoto asks me.
    “I don’t know if I can.” I simply state. “But due to the condition of this place I think I better try.” I reported to my partner in crime and long time friend as I look around the room and back down the hallway that we have spent 4 years of our life in. I walk over and look at the area that contains the small four person submarine. I look around trying to figure out how I will get the submarine out of this dreaded place. Then I see it; the floor opens as the submarine is suspended from a crane. Luckily for us, the crane is already attached. “Fujimoto see the crane. It suspends the submarine as the floor moves out and then lowers it down into the water.”
    “Yeah, I see it. What about it?” she asks in a quizzical manner.
    “We have to have a person to operate the floor and the crane if we want to get this  submarine out of here.” I stated. We both sit in thought trying to figure out a way to get it to work, because this is our only way out.
    “Wait Fujimoto, could we take the dead guard's body over there next to the buttons and have him hold them both down?” I state in an epiphany of ecstatic joy.
    “Would that work?” she poses to me with her cautionary attitude.
    “I don’t know but it’s at least something to try. Go get in the submarine. Ill run over there as soon as I get it hooked. Up leave the top open for me.” I replied.
    “Ok we’ll try it.” She says indignantly as she saunters over to the life vessel for us. As soon as she is in the submarine I went over to the dead guard’s body and moved the rock which had hit his head off of his body. The buttons were all confusing. They said things like “Open”, “Hatch”, “Door”, “Crane up”, “Crane down”, and “Call mainland.” These mean nothing to me due to the fact that I am Japanese and don’t understand English which is what these words appear to be; at least I think they are called words. I put his two lifeless hands on the buttons to try out what they all do. When I press "Open" down nothing happen. When I press "Hatch" the floor began to move, so I know that was the right button.  I press "Door" nothing happens. I press "Crane up", and the submarine begins to move up. Then I press "Crane down" and the submarine moves down. I now know which two buttons to put the guards body on. I subsequently get his body onto the “Hatch” button and the “Crane down” button. As I set his body on the two buttons I begin to sprint. Leg in front of leg pulsing muscles, a machine made of thousands of years of evolution. Step after step the bulging muscles of my legs propel me onward to my ultimate goal of freedom. My mind recognizes the vault I will have to make to jump into
the submarine. The muscles of my legs are ready, then I let my quadriceps loose while
contracting my hamstring muscles then the complete opposite to hurl my body through the air, hoping to make it into the small hole to keep me alive and to get out of this dump.  I land right in the hole then reach up, and pull the latch shut behind me.
    “Yes!” I cheer. I look around and spot Fujimoto over at the front of the small vessel.
    “Great job, Yamashita!” she screams in a giddy ecstatic voice as she comes to hug me to death. She begins to smother me with her ecstatic joy of my wellbeing.
    “I need to learn how to maneuver this thing, so we can get it off the hook.” I state in an air of indignant obedience. As I saunter over to the captain’s seat where there are hundreds of buttons, everywhere. I look for the levers that will undoubtedly do everything for this annoying vessel. The levers to control this underwater craft are right where I expect them to be, right in the front next to the four direction control handle.
“Stop messing around and get yourself strapped in.” I point out as she looks at all the buttons. I quickly buckle myself into the series of restraints to keep me safe, and Fujimoto does the same. I turn the engines on and wait for the submarine to be fully engulfed in the water. One quarter of the way there, half way there, three quarters of the way there, all the way there. The instant we are fully submerged, I move the submarine up so that it gains some slack on the cable. It eventually comes off and I begin to try to move it to the surface. Luckily it is fairly simple, largely due to the fact that there is nothing within 100 meters except for the jail we just exited. I quickly move away from the jail so that there is no chance that I can hit it. I pull the lever for moving the submarine upwards and we begin to move towards the surface. One minute passes, then ten, then thirty; we are almost at the surface.
We touch surface.
“Yah!” I yell as soon as we break the surface. 
“Good job!” she squeals in excitement. She quickly gets out of her straps while I do the same and she comes over and hugs me. We hug for a few seconds, we go over to the hatch and open the top of it and get our bearings on where we are. Mainland Japan is right out in front of us and china is behind us.
“So Fujimoto, would you rather go to Japan in ten minutes or risk going to China hoping we have enough fuel?” I ask unknowing of which would be better.
"We should go to the Japanese mainland because the Chinese mainland is so far away.” She states hoping that I would agree with her.
“To Japan we go.” I state. We went down into the submarine and turned the forward thrusters on and wait.
Twenty minutes later we arrive at mainland Japan. Luckily there is no one there to arrest us immediately, again. You would think there would be due to the fact that we are mass murderers; I mean killing thirty seven people is bad stuff. By the terrain and relative climate I think we had landed a little north of the Oga peninsula that juts out in the northern part of Japan. We begin a trudge into the large island country of Japan hoping that no one will recognize us as fugitives; after all we need food and supplies and the only way to get those are through buying them at stores. 
“How should we go about getting the basic supplies we need to survive?” I ask hoping she would have an answer for my query.
“Well considering we are a 100 meters from the city I think we should just walk in and
hope that no one recognizes us.” Fujimoto comments as if this is the only possible way for us to go about doing it. I agree with her so we walk into the city looking for people to pickpocket stuff from. The whole city is knocked down. It is as if the largest earthquake ever hit the land. The whole thing was just smashed to pieces and laying around in a state of disillusion.
“Fujimoto what happened?” I ask in a disconceted stupor.
“I don’t know Yamashita, but we need to get out of here though before something falls on you.” She says this just as a building falls down some more and a large cinderblock smashes right into her head killing her instantly. I run over to her body and sob while holding her head. My long time friend had been killed through a fluke accident. But I can't stay, because I might end up with her fate. After a few minutes I begin to trudg out, but lying on the ground is a newspaper. It read, “Tomorrow the moon will hit the earth, prepare yourself and do not be alarmed." then I heard a shifting of rocks. I look behind myself just in time to see the pile of rocks fall from their humble postion directly above me.

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