Thursday, June 9, 2011

Game Review!!! Starwish

Neither of us have posted in a while 
(this is not looking good)

But I've decided to continue posting once again!

So a new flash game came out recently. It's called Starwish

This game is a Side-scrolling RPG Shooter

And I will be grading it out of 100 colorful party hats!

So you play as a character named Deuce.
He's a space pirate guy, but around the end you end up trying to save the universe from a giant monster.

You buy new weapons, upgrade your ship and your character, and talk with the crew on the ship.

This is one of my favorite flash games.
The story line has enough depth to become a movie or something
 and the gameplay is smooth enough that we should be paying to play this.

I award Starwish 98 out of 100 Colorful party hats!!

That's about it for today!


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