Thursday, December 8, 2011

boise school district levy

hey send this to everyone you know that can vote

Boise School District Supplemental Maintenance and Operation Levy
ElectionTuesday, March 13, 2012How much is the District asking for in
the supplemental levy?· The amount of the supplemental levy is $14
million. If approved, the levy would be in place for 5 years andcost
the average homeowner less than $7.00 a month (based on the average
home value in Ada County of$165,000 with the homeowner's exemption).
100% of the revenue from successful passage of the levy will beused to
maintain low class sizes and preserve quality student programs, not
administrative costs.What will the supplemental levy do?· Maintain
student class sizes at current levels, avoiding increases of 4 to 6
students per classroom.· Retain District teaching staff, avoiding the
potential loss of over 200 teachers and numerous ancillary
andclassified personnel.· Cover a projected ongoing $15 million
deficit beginning the 2012-13 school year.Why do we need the
supplemental levy?· Projected District revenues will decline by $35
million from $201 million in 2008-09 to $166 million by2012-13.
District revenue has not been as low as $166 million since 2000-01.·
This projected reduction in revenue is the result of a decline in
state funding of $23 million (Legislative cutsand Students Come First
law) and a decline of $12.2 million from local property tax revenue.·
In addition to revenue losses, increased on-going expenditures in the
areas of fuel, transportation, and healthinsurance are expected to
exceed $2 million by 2012-13.What District budget cuts have already
been made?· $22 million in cuts have been made over the last three
years, including:FY10-12 Administration Position Reductions $
2,080,178FY10-11 Instructional Position Reductions $ 4,002,626FY10-12
Non-Instructional Reductions $ 6,633,085FY10-11 Furlough Days (3 days)
$ 2,106,000FY11-12 Furlough Days (2 days) $ 1,400,000FY12-13 Furlough
Days (3 days) $ 2,106,000FY10-11 Salary Freeze/Retirement Savings $
1,300,000FY11-12 Salary Freeze/Retirement Savings $ 1,300,000FY09-11
Transportation Reductions $ 540,512FY10-12 Facilities & Operations
Budget Reduction $ 460,000Total $21,928,401What about using the
District's rainy-day fund?· The District used a majority of the
Undesignated Fund Balance saved for tough economic times by the
Boardof Trustees to balance the 2011-12 budget. In addition, the money
received from the State in July ($5.1million) will be used over a
period of 5 years to reduce the amount of the supplemental levy from
$15 millionto $14 million.What do we get for our tax money?· Boise
School District remains one of the highest-performing school districts
in Idaho, the region, and thenation.· 57% of Boise School District
graduates attend college (statewide it's 46%).· 83% of Boise School
District graduates advance from freshman to sophomore year in
college.· Our students outperform Idaho and the nation on standardized
achievement tests, college entrance exams(ACT and SAT), and Advanced
Placement (AP) testing.· Our AP program is one of only 388 in the
nation to make the distinguished AP National Achievement List.Boise
School District enrolls 8.5% of Idaho's students, but administers 36%
of AP exams statewide, and had21% of Idaho's National Merit
semi-finalists in 2010-11.· All four of our traditional high schools
are listed among America's top high schools by the Washington
Post.Learn more under News and Events at www.boiseschools.orgWho may
vote in the March 13, 2012 supplemental levy election?· U. S. citizens
who have been residents of the Boise School District for at least 30
days and are 18 years of ageor over may vote in the election. Polls
are open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13, 2012. You maylocate
your polling location and learn about absentee balloting at or call the Ada
County Elections Office at 287-6860. 9-12-2011
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