Monday, November 12, 2012

Jazz Combo

      A Friend of mine who is in choir with me is an amazing pianist. And a few weeks ago he was playing in our auditorium and he said hey Andrew come in here with your trumpet, and because I'm always the curious type and i love doing anything involving music i said sure what do you want me to do. I walked in there and he played me a song. He told me there were four parts to the song and he wanted to jam with me. So we worked in the next ten or so minutes through the four parts of the song and then jammed on our newly written song. 
     So for the past few weeks we have been developing our sound and working through this song multiple times, just listening and jamming and seeing how it goes. So far its been going great, we play twice a week or so just through the song that we recreate remix distort and fix every time. It is great. The "practices" (more like jam sessions) are different every time  some times the song is super upbeat and happy, the other times its kind of a slow swing jazz where it flows very methodically over the notes. 
      The only reason we call it the same song is because from practice to practice can hear the old song in the new one. Every time we come into practice he says how does it go and I say "A" minor and he says oh yeah, and then we play, and that's why it is different every time, because neither of remember what the old song sounded like. 
     So yeah if anyone needs a little two man jazz combo to come play for hours on end with it all being different and with little to no down time hit me up with a message, we work cheap, and we bothe double up as male vocalists.  

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