Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Music theory

Every musician has their theory on what makes great music (its a fact do not question it). Some believe the harder the song is to play the more people will like it, some believe the opposite, some believe you have to swing everything, and so on and so forth. Of course the factors that depend on some random person liking your music is the presentation, it always helps to be clean shaven and have a nice suit, or other suitable clothes. Then the actual music, but what is it about your music that makes everyone want to listen to it, what is it that makes your music more interesting than mine, van halen's, ingrid michaelson's, or the beatles? I want to break the types of music into two categories, to discover how to find that small part that makes you different. There is music with voices and music with out voices, the challenge is for both to sound like the others great qualities.  I doubt few would argue that the human voice and words can more easily speak to any listeners soul than a guitar solo. however rhythmical and tonal integrity or more easily and much more true on instruments.
Voices have a talent of speaking to and uncovering a mans deepest desires, secrets, thoughts, and emotions. because the words are more relatable they teach you how to live they let you know directly what they mean. Even all instrumental songs have a title of words. this is the missing element most instrumentalists are missing when they set out to create their music, they lack a voice. my secret for instrumentalists is to mimic the human voice and words. Mimic the inflections of your favorite singer and try to play that song like they are singing it, rise and fall where they do even with every word, not just with lines or phrases. ill get back to y'all tomorrow and elaborate on this some more

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