Friday, November 29, 2013

Carnegie hall!

A few months ago my men's choir, Tactus was invited to sing at Carnegie hall. We will be one of only a couple high schools, and to my knowledge the only public high school to be asked to attend the event. The concert is set up by DCINY Distinguished Concerts International New York. The man who was curating the event was using you tube as a means to find groups to come sing, when he stumbled upon our version of "prayer of the children" (which is still on youtube you can look it up as Tactus ((BTW Tactus is not pronounced like cactus but more like TAHctoos))prayer of the children). So he found that he liked us he talked to his supervisor which is the director of Chanticleer who also is a director of one of the colleges down there, i think its UC Berkeley, Which surprise we had gone down there for our Choir tour two years ago and had stopped by him, so he knew we were good. So we got invited and we accepted the invitation. The problem is is that it is going to cost us upwards of $65k  to get our whole choir there, approximately $1700 per student, so we have been fundraising our butts of. What im really trying to say, is that if you're rich and you happen to read my blog, or even if you're not rich but would like to donate any amount, which is tax deductible, please visit our website thanks in advance.

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