Wednesday, May 25, 2011


There are gonna be improvements made on this blog. And I'm the first one!

I'm called Daniel, Dan, Dan Teh Man, Dan The Man, Danny, Danny Boy, D, Big D, Little D, Mfeh,  aBucketOfPuppies, or if you unscramble all the letters right, Lord Voldemort

So the other guy (I'm not sure if he's ok with me revealing his name) asked if I wanted to help with his blog. and I was all, "Sure!"

So now I'm going to blog odd days while he blogs even.

I just wanted this to be made known before I make my first real post (this is an introduction). I'm going to lie. 
A lot.

So when I say "I have a signed letter from a president of the United Sates!" You can assume that this is false. (even though I really do)

On the other hand, when I say " I give the game/song/movie/food/picture/natural disaster 5 out of 5 figurative stars!" You can assume that it will be true.

I guess that's a good enough intro...


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