Thursday, May 26, 2011

stick it to the man (title of essay para 1)

so quick intro again I'm Andrew the founder of the blog (a.k.a. Manfromidaho) and since school is over I'm going to post my essays paragraph by paragraph every even day. ok this essay is about a poem/story of how the world lost its color with a machine a man created and im comparing it to the cold war, with a slightly russian accent (more german than russian but whatever)

      Ey dis story is a very close to me i identifies with it in many, many ways. obviously ze constructor trurl is the great Russian leaders, Kapuchious is the hated american busy body who is trying to destroy ze motherland. ze Russian and american (spit) peoples are ze machine, forced into oppresive actions to fufil the made rage of the two constructors.

so this was my first essay so i wasnt very good yet so yah dont blame me
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