Thursday, May 3, 2012

Begin dictating

so i just found this new program. it's the school program called tatzi. It is when I'm using to read this article right now.unfortunately it is not very good at recognizing my voice right now but is still a lot faster than typing. their command such as in delete last fragment, and commands such as spell but which allows you to spell out words that do not come out correctly when spoken or you do not know how to pronounce. It's really actually a great program the only problem i had with it so far is it does not understand the phrase delete last fragment which causes writing to be very annoying. because every time up but the program here something it's not supposed to i have to manually goal and backspace through the entire thing, up to but it still is a great program. Luckily for but up you who decided to read my blog that's all you have to do but to download the program from my personal database that is to comment on this post and i will give you the link to download it. As you can tell but i have not taken out some of the many colman homes that happened when using this program ip i live in and not so quiet house of the only thing going on in the background is my dad watching tv and that is causing all of the errors the buts and everything else. 

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