Saturday, July 7, 2012

algae bio-reactor

So my algae bio reactor (sorry i didn't write this yesterday got caught up making a second story in my dads shop)

First thing why did i decide to build a algae bio reactor (tanks of water that grow algae):
well the short explanation is i thought it would be cool to make some bio diesel but what i tell my parents so they don't get too mad at my tanks of green water in the backyard is that its good for the environment and if i actually make enough diesel i can start selling it and get a little income for myself (although I'm pretty sure that you need to have a license to sell diesel to anyone but oh well.)

Second, what is an algae Bio-Reactor:
An algae Bio-Reactor is in short clear containers of some sort with algae growing in them. That means that even your dogs water holder that has that green tint you have been meaning to clean out is technically a Bio-Reactor. My Bio-Reactor is a collection of water bottles, power drink bottles, Henry Weinhard bottles, clear plastic feeding tube iv bags, and a couple 5 gallon buckets filled with my algae water solution.

Thirdly how to make an algae bio reactor and a few tips and tricks to make it better:
first of all you need to grow your culture and how to do this is go to some public lake or stream and get a rock out of the bottom the slimier and grosser and greener the better while you are there get your five or seven gallon bucket of of nice lake/stream water and put a couple small scoops (2-3 cups) of dirt from the bottom of the water into the bucket and put your rock in their too.

That's where your algae will grow after a few days it should be getting greener. one thing you can do to significantly improve the growth rate of your algae is to get an air line and drop it into the bottom of the tank and have some constant bubbling going on that can effectively double the rate at which your algae will grow. once it starts getting really green turn off your air line in the morning and by the end of the day your water should be more green than brown, this is because the dirt has settled but the algae doesn't settle.

Now that you have a decent culture spot you can take your empty bottles and fill them up with water from the tank, you'll want to fill them up to the point closest to the top with the most surface area, so in beer bottles and Henry Weinhard bottles that would be right before the neck, in water bottles that's before the last curve, on all of these bottle you'll want to take the paper and packaging and what not off of them, to allow more light through.

now that you have a million and four cans full of algae water let it grow ill post in a week or so so more stuff on what to do next maybe tomorrow ill post some more tips and tricks to help your algae grow better, just go research it up their is a ton of places with information one great site is they have a lot of stuff on algae just search for it if you have any questions leave them in the comments have a great day!

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