Thursday, July 5, 2012

hey so I'm back

     So I've dived into the realm of awesome green technology, let the record hold i am a strong conservative but this stuff is cool and renewable and largely you can do it yourself. if any of you guys have accounts my username is zaronas and you can find me there, then again my username is zaronas on most things so that's probably me if you see that username.
     tommorrow (because this is my post for the day) ill talk about my algae bio reactor and some of my plans for that. first i have to find my camera because cameras are cool(doctor who quote, that reminds me i should post about how awesome doctor who is). hey if i for some strange reason have some rich fan who has to much money and doesnt know what to do with it feel free to message me so i can give you details for my paypal account so you can give me donations so i can spend more time on here and can build more project and give you guys more awesome stuff, then again if you click on my ads then i can spend more time on here because then i will be earning more money, and if this becomes some sort of actual base of income then i could do some awesome stuff like get a better camera or my own, and my own laptop, and a better bio reactor, and some land to make my kiln on so i can get myself back into blacksmithing, ill have to tell you guys that story later but for now this is me saying click on the ads or give me money! and goodnight from mountain standard time!

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